Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Update 7/24/12

Well, clearly I am behind on my blogging! There has been a lot going on since the last blog I'm sure, but I will just updated everyone on some important points and what everyone really cares about...pictures of Blayne! :) We are STILL waiting on the short sale house that we put an offer in on back in December. It is definitely a home worth waiting for, but we have still been looking at other houses in the mean time & nothing seems to compare! Ryan is still loving his job & it's been keeping him very busy! I am still loving staying home with Blayne, she is at such a fun age right now so it makes for some interesting days around here :) Our Summer has been very busy so far...We took a trip out to Seaside, OR with our good friends the Maryanski's a couple of weeks ago and just got back from a fun trip to Spokane! Our next trip planned is going to Maui in a few weeks! We are taking Blayne & my parents will be going on the trip too, we are really looking forward to it! Not really looking forward to taking Blayne on a 5 1/2 hour plane ride however! :) Blayne is really turning into a little person now! She is saying a ton of words now and it's getting easier to understand things that she means or wants. Sometimes she will really surprise us with the things she says or repeats! Some of her favorite things right now are doing puzzles, watching Caillou, speaking in her own language to her reflection in the mirror :),going in her little pool on nice days, being mom's "helper", and being very independent! :) Here are some pictures from the past few months...enjoy! XOXO Kaylin, Ryan, & Blayne

Monday, February 6, 2012

End of 2011, Beginning of 2012!

Sorry I am WAY behind on the blog updates! It makes it a little more difficult to sit down and catch up when you have a busy toddler running around! Yes, a toddler...cannot believe that Blayne is 16 months old already!
Things have been busy and still going great with our little family! The holidays were a lot of fun and went by in a flash...
For Halloween Blayne was a cute little lady bug this year :) It was also right after Halloween that she hit another milestone and started walking! She has been on the move ever since and rarely stops for a break :)
We were able to make it over and spend Christmas in Spokane this year with Ryan's family. It was a nice little 5 day vacation and it was really great to spend time with the whole family. We spent the previous weekend with the Campbell side of the family and celebrated an early Christmas :) It was interesting to see how Blayne would react to the whole "Christmas" idea this year, she liked ripping the paper and playing with any toy item that she got...pretty typical of a 15 month old!
Also in December...
Ryan and I took a fun weekend trip to Bend with our friends Brady & Dana. We stayed in a beautiful condo at Pronghorn Ressort and went skiing at Mt. Bachelor. It was a really fun weekend!
We also made an offer on a short sale home in Camas and our offer was accepted by the owner! Now we are in the midst of the fun waiting game, hopefully we will hear a response from the bank soon! We are really excited about moving into a bigger home & its in a really great neighborhood. We plan to rent out our current house once we get into the new one :)

As far as what has been going on with us in general....Ryan is doing great and still really loving his job as a District Manager for Fastenal. He is overseeing 13 stores now which keeps him busy! :)
I am still enjoying staying home with miss Blayne! We have been staying busy as well, having play dates, going to story time at the library, and working on learning new things every day! Blayne is known for speaking her own little special language right now! We do get a word that we can understand every so often, but is it so hilarious just to listen to her ramble on like she is having a full conversation. She still LOVES books, her favorite show is called Super Why!, she is starting to take an interest in Elmo, and loves packing around her two baby dolls! She is getting so big and it is so much fun to watch her explore her surroundings and learn new things all the time :)

New House :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Baby Girl is 1!

Well the day has finally come and gone....we officially have a 1 year old! It is so crazy to think that just a year ago we were waiting for the day that we would finally meet our little Blayne Marie Harris, and we were surprised to meet her 5 weeks early! She keeps surprising us every day and it is so much fun to watch her grow and change!
We celebrated with a little party for her up at Lake Tapps over Labor Day weekend and that was really fun! On her actual Birthday we just had Ryan & Kelsey over with the kids and our friends Brady & Dana, it was a nice little low key Birthday BBQ! :)
She is still just a little peanut, but I think she is going to be able to hold her own pretty well! She is interested in getting into everything, she is pretty tough and a little fiesty at times :) She makes Ryan and I laugh on a daily basis with her goofly little smile (she has one of her top teeth in the front now & its so cute!), her dance moves, or just babbling away like she is having a full conversation with us. She is pulling herself up on anything and is capable of walking on her own but tends to chicken out :)
We are really enjoying this age and seeing her learn new things all the time. We can't get enough of our little peanut! :)